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DNA.Bits:  Cutting-edge technology that utilizes permissioned Block Chain platforms to solve problems related to Big Data, HIPAA, and de-identified continuous sharing of genetic and correlated clinical data.


The future of medicine, preventive medicine and pharmacological breakthroughs is related to our understanding of the interactions between our genes, our health and diseases and learning the effects of lifestyle and treatments on an individual, in relation to his specific genome.

Our solutions utilize the power of block chain cryptography to enable tagging, tracking and cross-referencing health related data in secure, authenticated and anonymous way.

Genetics and
Big Data

Enable access to large sets of genetic data with the correlated clinical records, while keeping the anonymity and privacy. 

Aggregate data from different holders and sources without the need to collect it into a central database.

Record Tagging
Track anounimously

Enables communications and follow-up on records through anonymization firewall.

Enables validation and tracking of data from multiple sources.

Apply unique tag to every record at origin.

Tag is tracked on block chain system.

Clinical Trials
Double Blind

Authentication, verification and audit , without centralized data source or identification.

Control double-blind flow of data records.

Decentralized – does not require one party to control the records

Incentivise Consent
Interactive permissions

Only key holders can see relations between tags or decipher their meaning.

Enables granular and on-going consent.

Enables communications and follow-up on records through anonymization firewall.



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